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Energy In Transition Podcast

Oct 17, 2023

Join hosts Dan Pickering and Josh Lowrey in another captivating episode of the Energy In Transition Podcast as they welcome a distinguished guest, Alex Robart, Chief Revenue Officer of Amperon. Together, they embark on a fascinating exploration of the dynamic world of energy analytics and the pivotal role Amperon plays in shaping its future.

Discover how Amperon's cutting-edge technology is redefining the landscape by enabling utilities, grid operators, and businesses to make informed choices that optimize energy usage, reduce expenses, and drive the transition toward a sustainable energy ecosystem.

Whether you're a seasoned energy professional seeking to stay at the forefront of the industry or simply curious about the future of energy, this episode promises to be an enlightening and inspiring conversation. Don't miss this electrifying conversation with Alex Robart, exclusively on your favorite podcast platform.

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