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Energy In Transition Podcast

Nov 28, 2023

Join us on a special episode of the Energy in Transition Podcast, recorded live at Corvacon, Corva's annual event dedicated to shaping the energy sector's future. Host Josh Lowrey and guest host Walker Moody sit down with William Fox, Corva's General Manager of Predictive Drilling, and Constantine 'Tino' Haddad, Operations Manager at Nabors, to discuss a groundbreaking collaboration.

Nabors and Corva have introduced "Predictive Drilling," a revolutionary technology enabling remote control of rig site Auto Driller setpoints through a seamless cloud-to-cloud connection, without the need for additional rig devices. But what sets this apart is its impact on the energy transition.

As the world moves towards cleaner energy, drilling operations are crucial. "Predictive Drilling" enhances efficiency, safety, and sustainability in drilling, aligning with industry goals to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact.

Discover how this collaboration propels us towards a greener future, making drilling operations more efficient and eco-friendly. Join us in this exclusive episode of the Energy in Transition Podcast to explore how innovation and collaboration are driving us closer to a sustainable energy landscape.

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