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Energy In Transition Podcast

May 18, 2023

Upright Digital and World Oil, a brand of Gulf Energy Information (Gulf), are delighted to announce an expanded collaboration in support of each other's Podcast efforts in the dynamic upstream oil, gas, and energy marketplace.  Since our initial partnership on the Oilfield360 podcast in 2019, we have achieved remarkable success, leading to this deeper integration and shared commitment to cross-promoting excellent podcast content.
We are proud to highlight the exponential growth of our diverse podcast lineup, including the highly popular Oilfield 360 Podcast, The Energy in Transition Podcast, World Oil's Deep Dive podcast and others, which have garnered widespread acclaim and captivated audiences worldwide. These podcasts have set new benchmarks, offering valuable insights and driving meaningful conversations within the energy industry.
Behind this flourishing alliance lies the strong friendship between Josh Lowrey and Andy McDowell, who have shared a profound vision for the industry's success for many years. Their collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication have paved the way for a partnership rooted in a true win-win approach.
Josh Lowrey, Co-Founder of Upright Digital, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Our longstanding friendship with World Oil has been instrumental in our joint pursuit of podcasting excellence. We are thrilled to embark on this enhanced partnership, which allows us to leverage our combined expertise and resources for the benefit of our listeners and the energy industry as a whole."
Andy McDowell, SVP of Media at Gulf and as of August 1 will assume the role of President, added, "Through our expanded collaboration with Upright Digital, we aim to elevate the podcasting experience and further contribute to the success and sustainability of the upstream energy sector.  World Oil has experienced tremendous growth with our digital media platforms and our own podcast network.  By partnering with podcasts like Oilfield360, The Energy in Transition and others reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering and expanding the reach of valuable content and fostering dialogue within the industry."
Stay tuned as we bring you thought-provoking discussions and captivating insights through our exciting lineup of podcasts, including World Oil's Deep Dive, The Reservoir and Oilfield Electrification Technologies as well as Upright Digital's Energy in Transition, Highly Capable, Oilfield360 and Street Smart podcasts.  We are excited to recognize World Oil as the exclusive “Media Partner” of Upright Digital's podcasts moving forward.

Together, we are driving innovation, knowledge sharing, and the growth of the energy industry. Join us on this incredible journey and for more information, subscribe to these podcasts at ​ and!